Welcome to Art Palette

I’m Priya
and I’m Artist.

I believe that art heals (both the maker and the receiver of that art).

I believe that we get to make our own rules that we get to choose, that we get to craft the exact life we want. And when we do, webecome


I also believe that we are meant for the complicated journeys of brokenness and wholeness, vulnerability and courage, wisdom and silliness. All of it.

I’m also an  accidental artist

I spent my early career as a software professional — I am a postgraduate in Computer.

From my teenage time, I am fascinating towards sketching and painting. I was taking it as my hobby and whenever I get chance I involved in it. My parents always encourage me.

Suddenly I got married and involved in day to day active. I am a house wife but want to do something creative in my life.

And then… I started playing with paint, at age 30, and everything changed. Painting brought me what I was craving: a new way to

experience, translate, share and be in the world.
And what a magical journey it’s been

I painted, crafted, shredded, stenciled, smudged and smeared like my heart depended on it. My portfolio bloomed. I launched my kids’ classes. I got a good response and support from my friends. My art found new eyes.

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